It has become a recent personal tradition to unleash a soon to be forgotten meme on the world around New Year time. You can peruse the previous ones thusly.

This year’s meme is very simple but, at the same time, quite tricky. The good news is that the process of putting it together is a lot of fun, which is the point. As any self-respecting reality TV show will tell you, it’s all about the journey.

So, here’s something you’ll all recognise. You hear a song and your are instantly transported back to time in the past. You remember what age you were, what you were doing, what the weather was like, who you were with (yeah, like that bit in Ratatouille, expect with music, not veg).

The task is simple, find a song from as many years as you can that will instantly transport you back there. I’ve been putting my list together, the thing to remember is that the song my not be from the year in question, this is a personal thing.

Also, it is very tricky to fill every year, so don’t feel you have to. The core ‘youth’ years are easier. Daft stuff like music mattered more then.

If you care to try, post your songs as comments, some commentary on what memory the song evokes would be marvellous (within the confines of that which can be safely divulged!).