You may have asked yourself how I made the iPad backgrounds that I have posted herein. Maybe not. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

I used Google’s Picasa. I have all my photos organised in Picasa, so that makes things easier, but you don’t need to have your photos imported for this to work.

It’s a very simple three stage process.

1. Pick a Photo

The only thing to bear in mind when picking a photo is that, when you rotate the iPad. the image rotates too, so you want something that will work equally well in landscape and portrait. Get the photo into Picasa, either by importing or just drag it onto Picasa from a folder.

2. Make A Square

Because of the rotation, iPad backgrounds need to be square. Picasa provides a very quick square crop function. Create a square crop how you want it. Bear in mind that this doesn’t alter the original, one of the benefits of using Picasa.

3. Size it

iPad backgrounds are ideally a 1024×1024 square so, export the cropped photo from Picasa and set the size to 1024. The finished iPad background will be in the Picasa export folder which will appear when the export is complete.

And we’re done. Whack the image onto the iPad and happy viewing.