Had a cracking day team building in a raft on the white waters of the River Tay. Thanks to Hurricane Katia the river was big, fast and a lot of fun. Thanks to the guys at Free Spirits for a great day and looking after us so well.

Here are a selection of the photos taken from the dryness of the bank.

At The Start - All Still Dry

Prepaing To Do A 'Wheelie'

After The Wheelie Went Wrong

More post-wheelie recovery efforts - I went in - it was cold

Water Getting Bigger Now

Using Paddles As Sails

Getting Intrepid, huh?

Big Water

Who Needs A Boat?


Seasoned Rafters Now

Big Smiles - does look fun!

More Sploosh

Running Out of Ideas for Captions Now

Check the Boiling Water!

Quite a Hoot

Great fun, well done all!