I’m always amazed by the number of times I talk to people about having written a book and discover that they also have a very strong desire to do the same. So, it seems to me a fabulous idea to exploit this innate desire in so many people to raise many for a very good cause.

Safe Space are a Fife based charity that give support to the survivors of sexual abuse. The charity have organised a fundraising event, the Safe Space Write-A-Thon, to give support to people who fancy having a go at writing something and, in the process, raise money for the charity.

The event is being organised by a number of my colleagues and, as they knew that I had suffered the torture of writing a book, they asked if I could perhaps help by writing some words of encouragement for those taking part. I was, of course, delighted to help out. Although I ain’t no author, I suspect the issues I faced will be a lot like those the participants will encounter.

So, if you have a burning desire to try your hand at writing and fancy joining in, check out the website. More details can be found on Twitter and Facebook. The launch event is on 3rd September. I’ll be there, trying very hard not to sound like a complete buffoon.