I love walking in the Pentland Hills near where I live. It’s not that I’m really a hillwalking type, but being so close and accessible, they are something I’ve been to a lot. That said, not been that much of late so when we had what could be the last sunny day of the year, I was happy to get the chance to go for a wander. It’s very good exercise too, walked 11km with camera bag and tripod. The route I took is in the map below, starting at the car park at Harlaw. For the most part, it’s a fairly easy walk but the descent down from Black Hill in Green Cleuch is a little bit tricky as the path is thin with loose stones. This is the trace from the phone as we walked.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 20.35.43

As you descend towards Black Springs you go down the middle of a line of trees.


You emerge at the very tail end of Threipmuir reservoir, which offers this view of the little red stone hut at Black Springs.



The little red hut gurgles with the waterworks inside. This is one of my favourite spots. I prefer it in the winter when it looks a little more desolate and the heather is more obvious when all the other plants have died back. The wall behind that runs alongside the side of Black Hill is where I headed next.

IMG_2841_2_3_fused copy

Looking back past the stone hut down to Threipmuir Reservoir.


The look back as you start to ascend along the side of Black Hill.


Black Hill isn’t really black but from a distance it is very dark.



Looking back down at Threipmuir from the side of Black Hill. This is where you’re end up in a while as you complete the loop. The line of trees you can see in the centre of the picture is a great little avenue, this is an old photo taken down there.



After you have tiptoed down the side of Black Hill, you get this view back from from Green Cleuch ( I think that’s what it’s called ).


The ever-spectacular Bavelaw Avenue. And if you do the loop this way round you only have to walk down the big hill, which is a bonus!

And then you start to loop back round towards Harlaw. If you poke your head in the Ranger Station you will see this picture I took ages ago in the wall, I checked it’s still there.

As get to Harlaw you can look back across Threipmuir reservoir, this photo was taken on a very icy New Year’s Day.  This was the photo that started my photo-love of the Pentlands, any excuse to repost it!