Radio is such a marvellously simply thing. You take an information signal, add it to a carrier signal that is capable of transmitting it over huge distances and build a receiver that can strip out the carrier signal leaving you with the original signal. With this simple idea, long distance communication really came to masses extending beyond those who could understand morse code to anyone who could listen.

Now let’s consider a very stretched analogy. You have signal. You’re talent, you’re experience, you’re innovation, you’re thought. Whatever it is that you aim to contribute into your working life is your signal. And, like radio signal, it has a carrier. It is carried by your confidence, your belief, your delivery, perhaps even your reputation.

Whatever the value of your signal, it is the quality of your carrier that can see your signal travel far and be received loud and clear – a compelling broadcast to your audience.

The difficulty comes when you want to change station. As you make your way through your career people will be tuned to you in a certain way. You may decide that you need to be more confident, have greater belief but, anyone who is tuned to the former you, may not get this change – it may seem odd or forced – they know you as someone else.

This can fix itself over time but, to a certain extent, people will stay tuned to you at the frequency they first got to know you. They may never quite accepted the louder broadcast.

And then you have Radio Days – these are the days of opportunity.

A Radio Day is a day of change. A new role, a new job, any career movement. You have an opportunity to change how people tune to you. New people, new relationships create some brief moments for the new you to flourish. It is important to seize the opportunity.

The confident person  you want to be, the strength of belief, the compelling character you now are needs to come out right away. The new norm must be established in this basis. If you start with the former you worried about who they should be then people will again tune to you as the person you were – not the person you want to be.

Career change isn’t just about what changing what you do – it is more about the opportunity to change who you are and how you are perceived.

Bigger, bolder, stronger may have just seemed awkward in your previous life but it is all people need ever know in your new one.

Radio Days are good days – retune, rebalance and reap the benefits of your new stronger broadcast.