Something is really beginning to annoy me. Been investigating the next in my list of pointless web projects and, as ever, you spend a large amount of time hunting for a suitable domain.
In a large number of cases they are often being used. That’s fine. In a similarly large number of cases, they are registered, parked, not in use and likely to never be in use ever. They’re not even for sale.

I don’t mind if people grab a domain for something they are working on, its a sensible thing to do. But I think that in a lot of cases, nothing is ever going to happen. If they can’t even be bothered to put up a 5 minute “coming soon” page (however ghastly that might be) you begin to think that is just a huge waste of good names that I could have to build dumbass sites on.

Perhaps a rethink of the domain registration strategy is necessary? I’d go for a use it or lose it policy. Not too draconian, maybe 6 months to add at least 1 page that represents content or it automatically goes back to being available.

And as for these people that register domains as a result of searches or other registrations, I’ll get to you next. You know who you are. And would the idiots who registered please realise that it will never make money, you’ve just embarrassed yourself.