Since the disappearance of Puzzle Donkey there has been a big hole in the puzzlers life. Sure, there is Sudoku and Nonogram sites aplenty but nothing that really gave the same sense of quest, of progress of, well, frankly, eye-bleeding frustration.

For this reason, it is with great delight that I write about the next in the line of great free online puzzle sites, Bimbogami. Due to launch this weekend, Bimbogami should be manna from heaven for all those puzzle fans that loved Puzzle Donkey and Not Pron. But, whilst it borrows from their sequential puzzle format, Bimbogami has a flavour and style all of its own. A combination of traditional logic puzzles with a new breed of interactive puzzles, makes it stand out as the next generation in online puzzling. Also, a unique taunting system reacts to your desperate guesses, a first in online puzzling.

The innovations don’t end there, your thinking time is measured, your guesses are counted. When you mplete Bimbogami, the Hall of Fame will show who have been the real puzzle kings or queens.

So, we, the puzzling public thank you ManIC MorFF for this new puzzling experience and hope that all the many thousands of keen puzzlers out there get right behind it when it goes lives and turns it into he phenomenon it deserves to be. After all, its free, its fun and its utterly compelling. And there is currently no free online puzzle experience that gets anywhere close.

There is a simple taster puzzle to get you going and from there get right on to registering. You know you want to.