Not long to go until Season 2 of Bimbogami is unleashed on the puzzle world. Testing has begun on the new set of puzzles and MorFF is busy scurrying about behind the scenes to get the site ready. Thankfully, there’s not a huge amount to do due to the genius of the original data model.

If you’ve not seen or heard of Bimbogami before, it is an entirely free online puzzle challenge.

We’ll be announcing the precise date/time of the launch of season 2 sometime soon. So, if you’ve not tried Bimbogami before, there is plenty of time to register and try the 40 puzzles of Season 1. We’re hoping for a great battle between all the puzzle teams that took part last time as well as getting some more newbie puzzlers hooked.

Facebook users can now become a Bimbogami fan on Facebook.