At the end of last year I wrote a list herein of things I’d like to accomplish this year. As we are now half way through, thought it time to have an interim review.

1 Great Photograph
Well, still waiting for this one. Taken a few decent ones but even the arrival of the new lens hasn’t produced anything great yet. Maybe during the Sucata Run.

100 Sales
Things have been unsurprisingly slow on the sales front. Many kind friends have bought a copy but the lack of availability on Amazon has stopped me pushing it too hard. Facebook ads aren’t doing a lot either. Rethink required. 100 sales not impossible.

1 Draft
This is now looking REALLY unlikely. Mainly because of the the next point.

1 New Job
Well, I think I’ve kinda done this one. Although I’m still in my old job, there is a new job on the horizon. It’s not entirely straightforward. Can’t tell you. It’s a secret.

No Alarms
Not entirely successful here. We lost Uncle Tony this year. A very funny and much loved man. Sadly missed.