They say there are many ways to skin a cat. But, in general, getting movies made has always been down a more trodden path. Raise some money, make the film. OK, sometimes it can be hard, people have mortgaged their house to get films finished (as Chartoff and Winkler did to complete Rocky) but there can be few people who have laid it on the line as much as Brenna Lee Roth to get her film “Til Death Do Us Part” in the can.

The film is directed by Chris Wig and tells the story of a man and woman, so desperate for money, that they fake the death of the husband using the a dead body they dig up. You would think that that was a fairly original way to raise cash, but no, that’s not even scraping the surface of creative financing.

With a gap in the budget and nearing the end of the shoot, Brenna is currently offering 4″ X 4″ sections of her skin for people to advertise on for a year in return for $400 for the film. Believing so much in the story, she has already been actively raising money from friends and acquaintances to ensure that nothing stands in the way of completion. I chipped in a very small amount, as have others, and with the first section of skin just been taken up by a a company in the US.

If there was an award for Creative Producer of the Year, Brenna would certainly deserve it. Tenacity and determiniation unsurpassed. As the prosector says in the film:

“Sometimes life hands you a hard knock. You just got to deal with it. You can’t just create an elaborate scheme, defraud people, dig up dead bodies, and fake the deaths. Just deal with what life deals you.”

Well, maybe not, but you can put your own body on the line to make sure things get done.

If you’d like to help Brenna with a donation or an offer to advertise on her, then please let me know and I’ll put you in touch. After all, I’m a producer of the film too now, needs to get made!