Holidays are the time for trawling YouTube and making pointless ‘best of’ lists. So, in no particular order, my top 10 goals (with a very large Man Utd bias obviously).

Mark Hughes – Wales Vs Spain
I got many a bruise trying to do this. Give it a go. It is nowhere near as easy as Sparky makes this look.

Eric Cantona – Man Utd Vs Sheff Utd
The goal is great, the celebration is probably even better.

Denis Bergkamp – Holland Vs Argentina
This is a thing of beauty. Taking into account the stage and time in the game, this is all kinds of awesome. Great commentary too.

Marco Van Basten – Holland Vs USSR
Woof! I remember watching this as it happened and it was more of an immediate feeling of surprise that he had even tried this.

Archie Gemmell – Scotland Vs Holland
When something like this happens when you’re 8, you’re never really going to forget it. At this stage of the game we still had a, typically Scots, hope that we could still go through.

Ole – Man Utd Vs Bayern Munich
For any Man Utd fan, this will always be the greatest goal ever. I may never go this nuts again when a goal goes in. Only the second time I proper lost it at football. The first time was about 2 minutes before this. I had waited 29 years for a European Cup Final. I was allowed.

Wayne Rooney – Man Utd Vs Newcastle
You don’t save those. The thing I love about this is how he seemlessly transitions from monaing at the ref to a light jog to clattering it in the net. Take a bow son.

Maradona Vs England
As Alan Hansen would say, pace, power, pace, control, pace, power. This goal is the reason that the whole ‘hand of god’ thing doesn’t really matter.

Roberto Carlos – Real Madrid vs Tenerife
I really like to think he meant this.

Zinedine Zidane – Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen
Best goal ever scored in Scotland?

Goals I couldn’t add because they weren’t embeddable from YouTube were:

Ryan Giggs’ goal vs Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final
This is the goal that made me get Sky Sports.
Steven Gerrard’s 2nd goal from the 2006 FA Cup Final
90th minute and he does this? Outrageous.