Spent a pleasant couple of hours in the Botanic Gardens yesterday on a very ( too ) sunny morning. I was there to take photos of people but snapped a few other things as I wandered around. Here are a few of the images I grabbed, nothing spectacular, bit too bright.

This little guy was giving it big licks and, like all good birds, he did it in good light and stayed very still.

Spring is almost with us.

Not a great football but a solid representation of Edinburgh football. Not quite like what I was used to.

This was never going to go well shooting into the sun but I like the way the sun catches the the roofs.

There is a great variety of architecture in Inverleith. They were all a bit grand in the day.

Took this for use a free stock. Stuff that says ‘people’ and ‘meeting’ always does well.

The Chinese garden isn’t quite at it’s colourful best yet.

This is my first attempt with Photomatix for doing HDR. Works pretty well I think but less presets mean you have to tinker a little more than I usually do with Dynamic Photo HDR.

See a bridge reflection, shoot a bridge reflection. Goes who couldn’t be bothered switching to the right lens.