As my avid reader will know, I give away my photos for free use as stock on Morguefile. Not been my most prolific year for new images but I was just flicking through them and was looking to see what had been the most popular by downloads in the year. It’s usually quite revealing. My favourites are rarely popular, the most useful ones are ( as I reflected in this post ).Obviously, the older images will have had longer to accumulate but why spoil the end of year chart type meme with such confusion. So, here they are, the popular stock images of 2011 ( download counts at time of writing ). You can download all these images ( and many more ) for free at Morguefile.

I think that off these images, the Crocodile one will ultimately win given how relatively new it is and how well it has done already. As ever, textures are very popular.

Number 10

Cyclists on Pentland Hills

Cyclists on Pentland Hills - 204 downloads


Number 9

Raccoon In Five Sister's Zoo

Raccoon In Five Sister's Zoo - 207 Downloads

Number 8

Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds - 207 Downloads

Number 7

Yellow Rapeseed And Sky

Yellow Rapeseed And Sky - 225 Downloads

Number 6

Wet Grass

Wet Grass - 244 Downloads

Number 5

Crocodile Skin

Crocodile Skin - 345 Downloads

Number 4

Sitting Together on Hampstead Heath

Sitting Together on Hampstead Heath - 370 Downloads

Number 3

Walking on The Pentland Hills

Walking on The Pentland Hills - 463 Downloads

Number 2

Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples - 547 Downloads

Number 1

Two Strawberries

Two Strawberries - 899 Downloads

As ever, the moral of the stock story is simple. Shoot fruit!