Prague is great for street photography, lots going on and many interesting people. Obviously, the Fuji X100S is also great in the street, especially at being noticed. Here is a small selection of my wandering around Prague.

Prague Street Performer

The shadow of the clarinet was irresistible

Prague Street Performer

He wasn’t a great singer but what he lacked in musicality he made up in charisma

Prague Old Town

The Old Town cobbles are great

Prague Thai Massage

There is a slightly odd proliferation of Thai Massage in Prague – and you are encouraged in by a man in a shark suit

Prague Valentine's Day

It was Valentine’s Day – so you get you photo taken with a rose, don’t you?

Prague Yellow

It takes a brave man to walk about in yellow in a city full of yellow taxis

Prague Street Performer

He was less grumpy when I gave him some money