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Posted on Mar 25, 2014 in Fuji X100S, Photography | 0 comments

Prague Street Photography with the Fuji X100S

Prague Street Photography with the Fuji X100S

Prague is great for street photography, lots going on and many interesting people. Obviously, the Fuji X100S is also great in the street, especially at being noticed. Here is a small selection of my wandering around Prague.

Prague Street Performer

The shadow of the clarinet was irresistible

Prague Street Performer

He wasn’t a great singer but what he lacked in musicality he made up in charisma

Prague Old Town

The Old Town cobbles are great

Prague Thai Massage

There is a slightly odd proliferation of Thai Massage in Prague – and you are encouraged in by a man in a shark suit

Prague Valentine's Day

It was Valentine’s Day – so you get you photo taken with a rose, don’t you?

Prague Yellow

It takes a brave man to walk about in yellow in a city full of yellow taxis

Prague Street Performer

He was less grumpy when I gave him some money

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