Quiet round here. I’m editing the Beatle Man. Its going OK. In the re-read I made myself laugh. I take that as a good sign. I’m at Chapter 11 and I’ve come to one of the first and biggest excisions. Dropping a character and a small sub-plot. Its strangely painful but, I believe, as necessary as the original inclusion was pointless.
I should complete the first complete pass by the end of the week. Then its time to get writing again, I have at least 10 new scenes to write to make the revised plot make sense. I’m looking forward to that bit, following the narrative exposition mantra so closely did create some fun stuff to do. Then I’ll be doing the flow work with the storyboard (which I’m very glad I took the time to do).
I seem have to become grammar-blind though (not that I was ever 20-20). During the editing process I am strangely compelled to add commas, dunno why, it just seems to be the done thing. I need to resist because in quite a few situations I’ve been punctuating out my arse, time to get the Strunk and White out again.

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This is lovely. Whatever it is.

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Aaaah, Clair de Lune just came on (sounds great on the new Sennheisers). Its such a great piece of music. And since I’m in the mode of Pacino film references