Driving home tonight listening to XFM we were pleased to hear the sudden appearance of This Charming Man by The Smiths. Clearly, a classic, but not often heard on the radio. Silence fell in the car, all talking stopped and, after a brief moment of listening, we sang along for all we were worth. ( until Heather Suttie talked over the end and then cut off the last bit, sheesh. )
The thing is, I could listen that song any time I wanted, I have the MP3 on my phone. But for some reason, because it appeared randomly on the radio, it was all the more welcome.
I’ve noticed this often over the years when a radio station manages to play something half decent for a change.
The same applies to TV. I will often be delighted to see a film* appear in the regular schedules and make sure to watch it, even though:

  • I will have seen it umpteen times before
  • I own it on DVD

This often still applies when I have to sit through all the adverts, I don’t just put the DVD on and watch it at the same time, I watch the broadcast version.

Maybe its just me. Am I odd? Let the nation decide…

* usually Apollo 13