Just watched Man U win 7-0. Funny thing was it was two games simultaneously. I watched Man U Vs Glentoran on TV and Man U Vs Dunfermline streamed live on the laptop.

First of all, its was an odd experience watching two games simulataneously but it was entirely possible and I didn’t miss anything significant.

Secondly, it really does bring home the all pervasive nature of live football. I remember when a live game, especially a live Man U game, was a major treat. Now I can watch two at the same time.

Thirdly, shows how good broadband and streaming technology is these days that I was able to watch the game full screen on the laptop very comfortably.

Fourthly, how big is the Man U squad? Jings, its not like either of the teams we put out was weak. Amazing the number of great players that have nothing to do most weekends.

Finally, for the record, we beat Dunfermline 4-0 (on the laptop) and Glentoran 3-0 (on TV).

Come on the Reds.