After almost interminable provarication, I finally decided on my publishing name, so, gentle reader, I give you “Closed Loop Publishing” (Yes, I have got a degree in Electronics, very rarely referenced and almost entirely forgotten.)

Now I have to prepare the book for publication. Good news is that review is flooded in. A creditable “enjoyable romp” from McGenius. I’ll settle for that. I was never trying to redefine the world/genre/anything else. That was the plan way back when when I started, getting away from the navel gazing of Orion’s Belt and have a bit of fun.

Thanks to Bri, I also have the spectre of sorting more typos and, as my reader will understand, that’s not my favourite past time so, as a result, further progress has been, well…

Still, I have the Xmas hols to give me some time, so maybe then. I can tell you are all getting terribly frustrated with the wait .