I was awoken at 1am by my doorbell. Except that it wasn’t my doorbell. It was one the noises my doorbell can make, just not the usual one. I’ve seen this before, you can make my doorbell go off with the remote for the car. Such is the way with wireless doorbells.

As I was failing to get back to sleep, made me think that this opens up whole new possibilities for a modern-day version of “tap door run”.*

I don’t think it could take much to rig something up so you could drive along a row of houses and ring any wireless doorbells from a passing car. Children of c21, I challenge you!**

Obviously, being able to activate the bell remotely opens up all new world of comedic possibility. I urge you to read “La Cantatrice Chauve” – you’ll see what I mean.***

* or whatever they called it in your location/era – that’s what it was called in Wester Hailes in the 70’s – of course, I never partook… I just heard about it. It seems to be called Knock Knock Ginger in some places… how odd. Or the even more bizarre “Knicky Knicky Nine Doors”. I prefer our more literal name.
** you’ll need to find an irresponsible adult to drive the car, obviously.
*** maybe