A few years ago, after finishing The Beatle Man, I started to work on a plot for a second book. This I did and I started writing. The book was to be called Terra Exitus. I even got the domain, and did a front cover, what a doofus, certainly a reflection of how well the writing was going. Still like the cover though 🙂

For a few reasons, I stopped writing it. A certain someone wasn’t convinced by it and I was struggling with it. The plot is still sitting there, maybe one day I’ll go back to it. More likely, I’m probably not good enough to do it justice.

Anyway, a few things came to mind for blog posts I wanted to write which I have started. They are, in some way, related to the themes behind Terra Exitus so I’m going to start to collect them here with the notion that, at some point, they’ll help me find the point of the book. As a rule, they won’t be the cheeriest herein, so if you’ve landed here looking for pictures of animals of Greek Lexicons then ignore the ‘terraexitus’ category.

To a certain extent this is all somewhat moot. I’m not getting any writing done at all just now. But hey, I can but hope.